How to Increase Employee Retention and Hiring

One of today’s biggest challenges is finding and retaining employees. How can an organization do that cost-effectively? One answer is to improve their organizational health – to be a place where people are personally engaged, where they can grow, where they feel appreciated. There is a direct positive correlation between organizational health and employee attractionContinue reading “How to Increase Employee Retention and Hiring”

Let Us Redeem the Soul of our Nation

Here is John Lewis’s writing. It asks us each to become the best we can be, and to help each other do that also. I share his vision for our country and our world. Together, we can, and we must, redeem the soul of our nation. Gary

Avoiding the Worst Outcomes of COVID-19

COVID has cost us dearly. Approximately 132,000 people have died in the USA, with almost 3 million confirmed cases, and our economy is in the tank. As painful as these are, the potentially the worst and longest-lasting cost of COVID is a social recession, because it weakens our social fabric so that we are noContinue reading “Avoiding the Worst Outcomes of COVID-19”

Forget Your GPS – Use Your IGS

The problem with a GPS is that it needs you to put in your specific destination. Saying “I want to get gas” is not enough; you need to specify one particular gas station. Unfortunately, nobody knows what the new “normal” will look like, or how our organizations will be functioning then. Thus, we can’t useContinue reading “Forget Your GPS – Use Your IGS”

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