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Gary Langenwalter

I’m an MBA with a heart – an entrepreneur who helps organizations and people thrive. What makes your juices flow? I help you dream BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals), then figure out the steps to get there. As consulting manager with KPMG Peat Marwick and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and managing partner of my own firms, I’ve consulted on 4 continents for over 30 years with clients ranging in size from to 2 people to multi-national. I have extensive experience in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Lean, Sustainability, and Strategic Planning, with additional skills in costing, organization structure, and ERP. I lead volunteer teams of organization development professionals helping non-profits. I’m an Ambassador in the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce and board chair of Juliette’s House (Child Abuse Intervention Center). My wife Janet and I have been married for 48 years; our 2 sons and granddaughter and grandson enrich our lives. I’m a native Oregonian (BA Management, U of O) who earned an MBA in management at Michigan State then stayed in the Midwest to work, followed by an MTS in leadership at Boston University and work. I returned to Oregon in 2004.

Email me: gary@willamettevalleyconsultants.com. Voice/text: 971-221-8155

Larry Strober

Brooklyn born, I have always loved the challenge of making an impact sometimes under very challenging circumstances. It started right after college, when as a 1st Lieutenant, Signal Corps, with the Satellite Communications Agency, I helped in the establishment of the Defense Communications Satellite Program, earning the Army Commendation Medal for my efforts. That got me started on a 25-year career assisting startups and small technology companies in Silicon Valley to adapt to new and ever-changing market opportunities. That effort moved to Oregon in 2007 but continued in its focus on making an impact. The focus expanded in definition about ten years ago to assisting non-profits and providing community service as well as serving the business community. I joined Rotary International, became Club President and for the last three years, Assistant District Governor. I focus on peace efforts within Rotary and have been a board member at Peace Village Global for 6 years. I volunteer for Special Olympics Oregon and sit on the Budget Committee for the McMinnville School District. Glenda and I have been married for 52 years and have 2 sons and 5 grandkids. I have a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Bucknell University and an MBA in Finance from Hofstra University.

Email me: larry@willamettevalley consultants.com. Voice/text: 415-720-8262

Barbara Cole Burr, SPHR

A native Washingtonian, Barbara was raised in New York state, moving to McMinnville from Colorado in 2011. She earned her BS from the University of Idaho and her MA in organizational psychology from Antioch University, Seattle.  She specializes in strategic and senior-level HR administration, with an emphasis on organizational development, employee relations, and leadership skill building.  Barbara is a subject matter expert in recruitment and talent management, benefits and compensation, employee development, and organizational psychology.  Her special strengths include conducting experiential training, application of systems thinking, group facilitation, goal setting, and project management.  She also helps develop and monitor key HR performance metrics.  

Email me: barbara@willamettevalleyconsultants.com

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