Our relationship with clients continues long after our engagements are complete.
Here are a few comments about how we help our clients thrive.


Gary Langenwalter helped us create our clinic’s CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) committee several years ago. His easy manner, deep knowledge of process improvement and analysis, and his collaborative style led our committee from our early formation to the #1 Sustainability Committee in our entire clinic system. ​​

Since Gary’s tutelage, our other clinic sites have met with us to learn how to create CQI committees of their own, and are now working on their own exciting projects to streamline workflows and increase our patients’ satisfaction.

Gary’s knack for spotting duplicate work, and for keeping our committee focused on our tasks, helped make us the most productive and successful CQI committee in our entire system of 16 clinics. I highly recommend him!​

Primary care provider and Co-chair, CQI Committee, large medical clinic

Managing Growth

Larry has been the company’s CFO for the last 3 years and has managed to focus on improving and maintaining our financial health at a time of significant growth…..the company has almost tripled in revenue during the period. Larry has been instrumental in negotiating improved banking and vendor relationships and raised almost a half million dollars in working capital.

Founder and President, aerospace manufacturing company

Startup Support

Larry has over thirty years of experience in building companies that work. The process starts with understanding the talent and passion of the entrepreneur and continues with building the infrastructure around that passion and talent. This includes putting the passion into a written business plan, creating a multi-year budget and need for capital, validating the market for the company’s product or services and assisting in identifying key hires and important strategic partners.

Venture capitalist, Silicon Valley

Team Building

Gary’s team-building workshop resulted in increased team cohesion, increased professionalism, people being willing to ask for help, and people giving and getting feedback.   These have made a demonstrable difference in our performance.  

VP Operations, mid-sized manufacturing company

Culture Change

“Gary’s consultation during the period in which we were choosing the ERP system is still paying off. The “buy-in” to the ERP implementation (on-going, of course) as a result of Gary’s consultation has helped change our culture for the better. The collaborative atmosphere seems natural.”

VP Sales and Marketing, small manufacturing company

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